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Whether you are a medium-size corporation with an established level of business, or a small, growing operation around the corner, you will need Accounting and Financial Management Services.

Many firms cannot afford and do not need a full-time Financial Manager and/or Bookkeeper. It is our business to help make your business more productive and profitable by providing you with a comprehensive array of Accounting and Financial Management Services.

Through the use of our computer systems and up-to-date software, we are able to computerize your bookkeeping needs in the following areas:
  • Payrolls and Personnel Records
  • Accounts Receivable Records and Management Reporting
  • General Ledger, Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Individual and Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Business Tax Reporting
  • Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursements
  • Inventory Control
  • Use of Database and Spreadsheet Programs for any Special Reporting, Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Word Processing

For clients, this computerization can be accomplished without the expensive investment in additional manpower, equipment and software.

We can also provide you with Professional Financial Management Services including:
  • Review, Analysis and Summary of Insurance Coverage and Administration—Suggestions to improve coverage and effective use of your premium dollar
  • Cost Analyses and Profit Projections—leading to ways to reduce costs and expenses and improve operating results
  • Cash-flow Projections—for day-to-day management and to secure and maintain adequate financing
  • Audit and Physical Control of Inventory
  • Fixed Asset Accounting and Depreciation Calculation
  • Administration of Employee Fringe Benefit Programs

Clients choose as many or as few services as they require. We will provide and maintain these services with an unmatched level of professional and personal support.

The benefits of our services to the client include:
  • Increased accuracy and legibility of records
  • Access to a financial manager/controller/CPA
  • State of the art computerization without the investment in equipment and software
  • Permanent off-premise back-up of payroll and accounting records
  • Confidentiality of critical financial data
  • Freedom for you and your personnel to devote your time to more productive tasks

We would like an opportunity to discuss our available services with you. Please contact us to arrange a time that we might discuss areas in which we might assist you in the accounting and financial management of your business.

  Last Updated: January 24, 2012